Monday, 7 April 2014


I visited the South West quilt show at the weekend,, at the Westpoint arena, Exeter.

Just a few of the ones I liked.

I purchased

and I had a little workshop with Valeri Bennett, (of Farne Designs), to make a small crazy patchwork needlecase,,,

finished it this afternoon!!

I bought a magazine recently,, that had a little knit kit in,, just had to make him,,,

Scary Lamb!!
And the last thing is I made yet another knitting needle case, this one for my Bamboo straights,,


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New project,,,

I decided to start a new redwork project,,, a small wall hanging. It's about time I made something from 'my library'.
 Had to prepare the fabric on the floor,, it was a little too big for my window.
 Progress so far,,,

And this is the book I am using,,,, some lovely projects in here.
I am still knitting,,,my Heartfelt shawl,
Loving the way this yarn is working out. And I bought some 'special' yarn for a scarf that I am hoping to wear to my Twin #1 son's wedding in June.
Not sure whether to knit it in the Laceweight, (blue) or the 4 ply,,,,, and I haven't even found an outfit yet...

I would like to say thank you to all my readers/followers that take the time to read this and to those that leave comments.
                                                        THANK YOU.


Monday, 10 March 2014


I have finished my Redwork quilt,,, spurred on by a comment left on my last post.
I quilted it in the ditch and put binding on it,,,,
                                          and I am glad it is finished.

I am knitting yet another shawl, using King Cole Country Tweed DK,,,

I love the way this is knitting up,, the colour change in the yarn is fantastic!!!

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day,, so DH and I went to Burnham On Sea. I had never been there before,,,
 Not a cloud in the sky,,,, so quiet,,,, and this was at 11.30 am.

And here are my latest blocks for the BOM,,,

Here's hoping the weather stays 'nice' for a while!!
                                                                  X x X

Monday, 17 February 2014

Busy Bee,,,

that's me!!!
I have finished my Hitch Mitts,,
Took me a while to get these knitted but spent most of Sunday finishing them off! Not bad looking.

I have finished my Hitch 3,,

And this is a picture of all 3 Hitchhikers together. The mitts match the middle scarf!

I have finished my house block for my BOM,,

And I decided that my interchangeable circular needles needed a case,,, so,,, using the tutorial on this blog I made this,,

I did the zippy pocket 'my way', and it only took 3 hours or so,, from deciding which fabric to use, to the button!!


Thursday, 6 February 2014

No Title,,

I know blog posts don't always need titles,, but it is a little difficult to think of one sometimes!
Remember this,,,
He is no longer on the plinth at Salisbury Cathedral,,, but Maggi kindly sent me an email with this link , and , this one too. Interesting reading!!!

We had new sofas delivered recently,, and I decided to make arm covers for them.
 DH has a pocket for the remotes and his glasses,, he keeps losing them!
And I made a couple of cushion covers for mine!!!

I won a giveaway on Kerstins blog at the end of December,,
Gorgeous fabric,, can't wait to use it.

I wanted to have a little hand sewing project to get on with in the evenings,, and tried a 6.5 inch wonky star block,, but it was a bit fiddly. So I am making them on the sewing machine instead.

I have only made four at the moment,, but I like them. I am calling the quilt, when it is finished, Swonky Stars!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

This and That

 I was looking through my sewing room the other day,, having a bit of a clear out and came across this little thing I made a while back.
Can't remember blogging about it, anyway. It was a simple pattern, which is lost, but I should be able to make another if I so wished!!

Don't know about you, but my smaller rulers were always 'dumped' any where, on bookshelves normally. So I decided to make a holder for them,,, no pattern,, just a quick browse on the 'net to get a few ideas,,,
 and then off I went, and Ta-Dah!!

I am following a BOM on Beth's blog , I haven't done a quilt in a while, and this looks like fun!
 It is a Christmas quilt,, but I don't do Christmas quilts,, so this is the start. I am, hopefully, going to use just stash and scrap fabrics,,,
 apart from some white on white that I just 'had' to buy.The background it going to be white, but different designs.
If you click on the above photo you can just see the patterns.

I am knitting a third Hitchhiker scarf,,,but using
my favourite colour!!! I love wearing this one,, lovely and warm. I will wear the next one a lot. too!! Picture of the third one next time,, it is too grey and dreary here this afternoon.