Saturday, 21 March 2015

One day in March,,,

One day in March I celebrate my birthday,, and I like to go to new places. This year we went to Bristol,, where we have been many times before,,, to see the SS Great Britain. Well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

 At first glance before I got through the gate I thought this man was real!!!!

This is the Ships' cat!

 Third class sleeping quarters,,,, cramped but sufficient!

This chap was happy in his work,, he was singing!! And keeping an eye on the rats!!

Accommodation getting better,,,the monkey was enjoying himself!!

 This was the view of the Ship in the dry dock. Brilliant how it is done,, because from up top, it looks like it is in water.
Any one remember Rosie and Jim,,, spotted these two on board a boat moored on the wharf,

And one last picture,,
of a yummy cake in a coffee shop in Sherborne, Dorset.

Not much crafting, yet again,, but I am knitting a pair of socks for my DH,, size 11 feet!!
And I am on Instagram,, if any one wants to follow me I am on there as cazsixtythree.

I am going to Wonderwool in Wales at the end of next month and really looking forward to it.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hello to my readers,,, not much creating happening at the moment,, hence no blog posts for a while. 
I have a few things to show off though,, I finished my Hitch 4,,,

Knit in the same yarn as my hat, a few posts back.

Yarn I bought from Sara's Texture Crafts when I visited the Crafts4Crafters show at Westpoint in January.
 Wound, by hand, in to a centre pull 'ball'. More like an ostrich egg!!

And some yarn that I just had to give a new home to.....
I have finished my Kongo Latte socks,,
Very near to a matching pair,,,, really pleased with these.

Not sure when my next post will be,, my oomph has abandoned me,, again! I do hope to find it soon!
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Sunday, 25 January 2015

A quick one,,

This post is not going to a picture heavy one,, I haven't taken any pictures lately.
Jill@emerald cottage,,, please email me, my email is under 'view profile', your snail mail address so I can send you the cross-stitch kit.
My blanket has come to a stop again,, gone wonky somewhere,,, again! I must have increased somewhere. The wonky edge is the changing colour edge this time.

I also finished by Hitch 4 scarf, photo next time, as it has to be blocked and with the weather being rather cold at the moment, it can wait.
I am going to the Crafts4Crafters show at Westpoint next Saturday,,, so hopefully my next post will be full of photos.

Monday, 12 January 2015


I have decided not to make any 'New Year Resolutions' as I can never stick to them,,, but I have a couple of 'things' that I am going to try to stick with. One of them is,,, do I need it,, do I want it!!! I am doing pretty good with this. As I have sorted out my yarn and fabric stashes, I now know what I have,, which is a good thing,, coz I didn't know I had THAT MUCH!!! It is actually quite a shock to 'see' what I have got.....

I have decluttered a lot,, at least 10 bags have gone to the charity shop in the last month and a half. And I am not finished yet!!!
Talking of which,,, do any of my regular readers want

 a pattern for a christmas card hanger,,,,,,

or a cross stitch kit,,,, neither will ever get made by me. I have had both for a couple of years.
If you want either of them,, just leave a comment.

I have not been doing much creating lately,, but I did treat myself, before Christmas, to a couple of books,,

 I have been on the look out for this Crochet book for a while,, a bargain at £4.99 from The Works.

 And I undid the crooked crochet blanket from a previous post,, and made a fresh start,, counting as I go. Slow, but steady progress.

PS Don't forget to leave a comment if you want either of the patterns. If needed, I will get my DH to pull names out of a (wooly) hat!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Holidays

Thank you to my readers and followers, and those who leave comments. I wish you all a peaceful and quiet time over the next few days.

I have ripped out my crochet blanket, (see previous post) and started again,,, with better results!! Making slow progress,, but getting it right this time.

                                                      Merry Christmas!!!


Friday, 5 December 2014

New Years Resolution,,

At the beginning of 2013, I set myself a New Years Resolution to learn to crochet,, I never did,,, but I have now, sort of.

The yarn is from Hobbycraft, and it their WI acrylic yarn plus two balls from my stash. The pattern is the Cosy Stripe Blanket from Attic24. I was crocheting merrily along until I noticed that one edge was going wonky,, not sure why,, being a novice. So,, I have put it away for now and may rip it out and start again in the New Year. Besides,, I still have a scarf to finish and have just cast on another pair of socks.

I have been baking a little,,,

I haven't made shortbread for ages,,,, and hubby fancied a Barra Brith. The Barra Brith looks burnt,, but it wasn't.

Four of these chickens are winging their way to Germany, for my mother-in-law,,, and one has a new home with my hairdresser.

Made a visit in to Bristol the other day,, to have a look at the christmas market,,

It was a small market, but nice to see.
We also went to the Exeter one,, that was a bit bigger, in the grounds of the Cathedral, but no pictures of that one.

I have next years resolution sorted,, should be able to stick with it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Stourhead,, again!!

DH and I decided to visit Stourhead again,, as we wanted to see the changing colour of the trees,, plus it is so peaceful there. When we got there, the car park was busier than I thought it would be.

We hardly saw any one else, until we reached the Temple of Apollo.

 The Watch Cottage had a fire going, and looked very inviting from across the lake. The day itself was not a cold day,,,,

The Temple Of Apollo

We had a very nice walk,, and in the New Year will be treating ourselves to a National Trust membership,,, as this place will be visited again!!

I have started my fourth Hitchhiker scarf,,, just love this scarf.

 I am using the same yarn that I used for my Midnight Hoot hat.